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Since 1996, we have been involved in studying obesity and metabolic disorders and working tirelessly to improve the understanding and treatment of this chronic disease.

Our network of experienced professionals, including doctors and healthcare professionals, work closely together to establish the best possible therapies, advocate for those affected, and increase understanding of the disease in our society.

Become part of our mission, and together, we will take a stand against obesity and metabolic disorders!

✔ Networking among professionals: access to a dedicated network of experts in the field of obesity and metabolic disorders
✔ Pioneering role: part of a renowned society that is internationally recognized and promotes the development and improvement of the understanding and treatment of obesity
✔ Current research and exchange of knowledge: access to the latest scientific findings and further training opportunities
✔ Interdisciplinary approach: the opportunity to collaborate with professionals from different medical disciplines to develop holistic solutions for obesity and metabolic disorders
✔ Community and support: the opportunity to exchange ideas with like-minded people, share best practices, and benefit from collegial support

Become a member of one of the leading professional societies in Switzerland and help shape the future of treatment!

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