SMOB Articles of Association

1. Name and registered office

Under the name:

Swiss Society for the Study of Morbid Obesity and Metabolic Disorder (SMOB)

there is an association in accordance with Article 60 ff. ZGB (Code of Civil Law) with registered office at the location of the secretariat.

2. Purpose of SMOB

The goal of SMOB is to:

2.1 provide comprehensive information to the population and the medical profession about the nature and importance of the disease “obesity” and establish holistic therapeutic procedures and quality controls at all stages of obesity therapies; safeguard and promote the interests and quality of life of those affected by obesity and their relatives

2.2 safeguard and represent the interests of professionals who have joined together in SMOB in social, health and general legal policy matters and safeguard their interests in legislative and legal proceedings

2.3 promote scientific efforts of all kinds in the field of obesity diseases

2.4 cooperate and coordinate efforts with similar organisations and institutions domestically and abroad

3. Organisation

The bodies of SMOB are the general assembly as the supreme body, the board of directors and the auditor. The general assembly is entitled to replace the general assembly with a delegates’ assembly though amending the Articles of Association by a majority resolution of all association members. If the association members are unable to form a majority in a first assembly despite the majority being present, a majority of the members present will suffice to transform the assembly into a second assembly, which will be held no earlier than three months later.

When determining delegates, the cantons, private and public institutions and scientific and social institutions must be adequately taken into account.

4. General assembly

The general assembly is the totality of all association members and the supreme body of SMOB. It meets at least once a year. It elects the members of the board of directors and, among them, the president and vice-president. It also performs the tasks provided for by law. It selects an auditor.

5. Board of directors

The board of directors is composed of at least seven members, one of which must be the president and one of which must be the vice-president. The board of directors distributes various responsibilities to the board members and determines which members have signatory authority. It chooses a secretary, who does not need to be an association member.

The board of directors performs all tasks of SMOB that are not expressly reserved by law or the Articles of Association of the general assembly.

It determines the compensation for the secretary and can also decide on appropriate compensation for its own activities.

It represents SMOB externally and vis-à-vis authorities and courts.
The term of office of members of the board of directors is 4 years, with the year being determined by the date of the ordinary general assembly of SMOB. The board members can be re-elected without restriction.

6. Membership fee

The membership fee is determined by the general assembly with effect for one year at a time. Other fees can be determined for collective members.

7. Membership

7.1 Start of membership
Anyone can become a member of SMOB if they have a demonstrable relationship with the purposes of SMOB.

Applications for admission can be carried out in writing or via the contact link on the SMOB website.

At the request of the board of directors, the SMOB general assembly will definitively decide on admission. This can be refused without stating reasons.

7.2 Membership categories
Ordinary members, surgeons (IFSO: Surgeons)
Ordinary members, non-surgeons (IFSO: Non surgeons, integrated health)
Honorary members
Corporate members

7.3 Membership rights
Voting rights in SMOB
State membership to IFSO
Purchase of discounted subscriptions according to the conditions for “obesity surgery” defined by IFSO
Discounted attendance of SMOB and IFSO training courses

7.4 Membership obligations and liability
The members are obliged to comply with the Articles of Association and other binding resolutions of SMOB.

The members are obliged to pay the membership fees determined by the general assembly. This does not apply to honorary members.

The association’s assets are liable for all obligations. The members are only personally liable for the membership fees decided by the general assembly.

7.5 Expiry of Membership
Due to Death.

By declaration of departure at the end of an association year, which must be announced to the president in writing 6 months in advance. The full membership fee will be owed for the current association year.

By exclusion at the request of the board of directors, which will be decided by the general assembly with a two-thirds majority of the members present with voting rights, in the event of violation of the purposes and principles of SMOB or impending damage to the reputation of SMOB. The person to be excluded will receive a hearing and can appeal against the exclusion at the general assembly. The ultimate decision lies with the general assembly.

As a result of SMOB’s dissolution.

In the event of non-payment of the membership fee requested three times in writing.

Members who have departed or been excluded are not entitled to participate in the association’s assets.

8. Amendments to the Articles of Association

Amendments or additions to these Articles of Association can be requested, stating the reasons for these, by written submission to the board of directors. The general assembly will decide on the application.

9. Dissolution

The general assembly can decide to dissolve SMOB at any time. This decision is subject to the same modalities as those for introducing a delegates’ assembly.

10. Allocation of assets

In any case of the association’s dissolution, any assets must be transferred to an institution whose purpose is as similar as possible. This was resolved by the following individuals at the founders’ assembly in Bern on 6 December 1996 (Hotel Schweizerhof):

The founding members:
Dr. J. Adank, Biel
Dr. P.E. Bize, Lausanne
Dr. D. de Marco, Bern
Dr. med. C.A. George, Zurich
Dr. med. A. Glättli, Bern
Dr. R.S. Hauser, Zurich
PD Dr. F. Horber, Zurich
Dr. A. Jayet, Lausanne
Dr. Ch. Klaiber, Aarberg Prof. J. Lange, St. Gallen
Dr. M. Naef, Bern
Dr. Th. Ricklin, Zurich
Dr. M. Sabbioni, Bern
PD Dr. med. R. Schlumpf, Zurich
PD Dr. med. R. Steffen, Bern
Dr. R. Stieger, St. Gallen
Dr. H. Triaca, Aarberg
Dr. J. Walder, Couvet

The Articles of Association were most recently amended on 23/10/2015 and approved by the general assembly. The Articles of Association are also available in the form of a PDF as follows:

SMOB Articles of Association