Specialist Medical Societies

Working with like-minded organizations is a central part of our mission to improve the understanding and treatment of obesity and to promote interdisciplinary, patient-centered care.

On this page, you will find links to specialist medical societies closely cooperating with the SMOB. These partnerships enable a valuable dialogue and exchange that enriches research and clinical practice.

Through our partner network, we offer our members access to a broader range of resources, knowledge, and support.

Website: www.ifso.com
The IFSO is a world-leading organization dedicated to the surgical treatment of obesity and metabolic disorders that brings together experts from around the world for training and research.

Website: www.ifso.com/european-chapter
The European branch of the IFSO focuses on promoting obesity and metabolic surgery in Europe through collaboration and exchange of knowledge among European specialists.

Website: www.sgc-ssc.ch
Die SGC setzt Standards für chirurgische Praktiken in der Schweiz, unterstützt die Weiterbildung ihrer Mitglieder und fördert die chirurgische Forschung.

Website: www.viszeralchirurgie.ch
This society focuses on abdominal surgical care by improving the quality and safety of procedures and providing a forum for exchanging expertise.

Website: www.sgauc.ch
The SGAUC is committed to promoting general and trauma surgery in Switzerland, both in clinical practice and academic research.

Website: www.sggssg.ch
This professional society is dedicated to gastroenterology and hepatology and promotes scientific progress, and the quality of patient care in these medical fields.

Webseite: www.sgedssed.ch
The SGED is committed to the promotion of science and research as well as to improving the quality of treatment for endocrinological and diabetological diseases.

Website: www.asemo.ch
ASEMO is dedicated to further training and research in the field of bone metabolism and the treatment of metabolic bone diseases.

Webseite: www.svde-asdd.ch
The SVDE ASDD represents qualified nutritionists in Switzerland and is committed to quality assurance and professionalism in nutritional advice.